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Dr. Heather Wojslaw, NMD - Primary Care Physician

Expert advise and service in your healthcare.  I have years of experience and success in Hormone Health, Weight Loss, Thyroid Issues and Gut Issues of all kinds! I am giving you the option how you want to interact with me!  I want to make you the CENTER of your healthcare and empower you to be in control!  

This offering is the traditional office visit model.  If you just want to interact and focus on your health concerns with the physician as needed then yes, we offer this for you as well!


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Call us to begin your restorative health journey @ 480-502-9487

​Supplement Days are HERE!!!  Call and set up a time on any Monday of the Month to go over your stash!  Bring in your supplement goods and we'll see if they are quality or not!  Check out more information under the Home tab to get started!!!!.

Concierge Model

This offering is for those who may need an expert opinion in your healthcare.  If you need a second opinion, healthcare coach or just need expert advice on where to go with your health this model is for you!  I'm within reach across the distance for you!


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This offering makes you a top priority in your Health Care when you need it any time.  Paying for health care should give you the best so why not get it?!  Let's work together with you and with your Family to get Private Health Care where it matters most! 


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​​Tele Wellness offerings

​Let's See Where Your Healthcare can take you with an expert and personal Health Coach!

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Traditional Visits